What We Do

We assist families with sick children to make sure that they get the help that they need. We will make sure that we can ACT in a timely manner to help those children that need us. There are so many sick children that need so many different things, whether it is financial assistance or just being able to provide them with things that will make their lives easier, we will do that for them.

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ACT is planning a variety of creative events through the year to ensure we are able to raise as much money as possible for the kids in need.


We will share pictures and stories from children we help throughout the year. We want to share the amazing impact ACT has been able to make on their lives.


All money donated will help provide money for the families of sick children. Whether it be their medical expenses or anything that will help them have a better quality of life


Here at ACT we welcome all volunteers. So far we have put together a of a handful of men women and children who are excited about helping us with events.


It was started

Who doesn’t know a family that has been affected by the illness of a child? Because we all have, there is a need to do something about it. Both Troy and Chris have decided to team together with their friends, family, colleagues, and business associates to make sure that the sick children of Vermont get the help and assistance that they need. There are too many families that fall through the cracks and lose out on the necessary things that will give them a better quality of life. It could be a simple ipad or computer, all the way up to paying doctor and hospital bills. We will do those things and everything in between.

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For Prescriptions

We will make sure the kids that need medicine or supplies not covered by insurance is there for them.


we will make sure that utilities are taken care and they can stay in their homes during the illness of a child.

Medical Facilities
for People

We will do our best to make sure that they get the best medical care that we can get for them, whether it be close to home or a hospital that specializes in what the child needs.


One of our main objectives is to raise awareness and educate our communities. They are thousands of local families that are dealing with horrible illnesses and could use all the support they can get.

Latest Events

Join us for all of our exciting upcoming events.

15th September

2nd Annual Helicopter Ball Drop

Fox Run Golf Club

89 Fox Lane

Ludlow, VT

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15th September

2nd Annual Helicopter Scramble

Benefitting ACT Charity

89 Fox Lane

Ludlow, VT

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From The Founder’s Desk

We’d like to start off by thanking each and everyone one of you who will be helping us in our mission of leaving no child behind. Our goal is simple let’s help children of Vermont receive medical and emotional help they need to live the very best lives. There are many children in Vermont who are battling with terminal illnesses, some of the families simply don’t have the financial means to support them. That’s where we step in.
Cofounders Troy Caruso and Chris Brosi